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Indoor/outdoor home birthday parties, holiday parties, parties, special events, celebrations, fundraisers, schools, storefronts, real estate companies, businesses, nonprofits, shows, etc.. We do so many things! If you are organizing a unique event, please email us!

What type of events do you do?

Our paints are hypoallergenic and come off easily with soap and water. We do recommend taking your face paint off before going to bed to avoid getting paint on your pillow! 

If you have a specific allergy, ask your painter to see the list of specific ingredients, and they will have it on hand! We don’t recommend kids under 3 getting paint on their face. Alternatively, for folks with sensitive skin, we are always prepared to do hand or arm designs if that is more comfortable for you!

Where are your paints from? How does the paint come off?

We do accept payment via cheque! Please make your cheque out to ‘GoFacepaint’ and give it to the painter working your event. 

Cash is not our preferred method of payment. Instead, we encourage paying online via e-transfer, debit, or credit card. Please email us with any questions or concerns.

Can I pay via cheque or cash?

Gratuity is NOT included in your original service charge. Tips are by no means expected, although appreciated by our painters! 

Am I required to tip?

Our painters can be there rain or shine! While your initial deposit is non-refundable, final payments would not be expected unless an event is cancelled <1 hour before the start time.

There is no guarantee that we will be available for your rain date.

What if my event gets rained out?

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