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About GoFacepaint

GoFacepaint is a reputable face painting company that first began in Durham Region, Ontario. We paint for birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, and all sorts of special celebrations. Now, we're working to provide professional and stunning face paint services at an affordable rate to bring party magic to communities across Canada! 

Our Biggest Values

  • Kindness, joy, fun, and inclusion

  • Safety, comfort, and well-being

Our Story

Best friends Siobhan and Emma co-founded GoFacepaint at 13 years old as a fun little passion project to work on outside of school and theatre rehearsals. They’ve always loved to entertain, create, and work with kids, and GoFacepaint made for the perfect outlet!

After two years of working odd jobs for shows, storefronts, and schools, the girls brought on two new employees and started travelling to home birthday parties. 


Siobhan and Emma then spent the pandemic working behind the scenes to improve their skills and refine their business practices to transform GoFacepaint into their full time job. Now, with 8 artists, Siobhan and Emma are so thrilled to bring the business to London and Montreal!

GoFacepaint's co-founders, Emma Nash and Siobhan Kelly, hugging on their very first day of face painting together, marking the beginnings of their professional face painting business in Durham Ontario!

SEPT 1, 2017

Our first day of face painting!

A split cake face paint palette featuring a colorful array of vibrant hues. The divided sections contain different shades, perfect for creating stunning multi-color designs. Unlock your creativity with GoFacepaint!

Commitment to Inclusivity

It is one of our primary values to dismantle the patriarchal hegemonies we find to be present in our industry. Face painting has long been a service that feeds into a restrictive gender binary as well as inaccessible to neurodivergent children. We aim to combat this with a gender-responsive and inclusive approach that focuses on the preferences of the child first and foremost! We encourage kids to get any design that makes them happy, and take various accommodative measures to support children with sensory issues or disabilities to get their faces painted.

We are a women-led business and very
proudly an LGBTQ+ friendly and trans-inclusive space.

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