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Our vibrant and welcoming paint station setup, featuring a colorful array of face painting supplies neatly organized on a teal face paint case. Our team of talented and enthusiastic artists is ready to bring joy and creativity to children's birthdays and corporate events in Durham Ontario, London Ontario, and Montreal Quebec. Inclusive and transparent, we prioritize creating memorable experiences for all. Book our services now!


Face Painting Services

Durham Region, ON

London, ON

Montreal, QC

We are GoFacepaint, and we're so excited to bring face paint magic to your next event. With our energetic painters, an infinite menu of designs, and plenty of glitter, we're here to dazzle your guests and bring fun for the entire family!

Untitled design (1).png

Looking for photo-worthy party activities for kids? Let our painters come to you and create an ultra-enjoyable experience for kids, teens, and adults alike! 

Starting at $60 per hour, per painter

A beaming child showcasing their vibrant face paint with a contagious smile. The colors and energy radiate joy and cheerfulness. Experience the magic of our talented artists' colorful creations and book with GoFacepaint today!
A skilled face painter meticulously crafting a tiger design on a child's face. The artist's hands are in motion, creating vibrant stripes and intricate details. Witness the transformation and excitement!

Birthdays & Celebrations


Kids LOVE face painting, there’s no denying it! With GoFacepaint, sit back, relax and enjoy your event while your guests are entertained with our top-notch face painting services.

We use hypoallergenic, non-toxic, vegan paints and materials and offer an unlimited range of designs with our staff of 9 talented artists.

"Emma was AMAZING! We loved her work and most importantly, the kids loved it. She was very kind, patient, talented and professional. We will definitely be hiring her again in the future!"

Tang Luu

"Our artist, Katie, was simply wonderful and so talented. Even my 3 year old sat still during this! My daughter has already asked if Katie can come back to our family home again. She was kind, professional, and arrived on time."

Kerri-Lyn Diening

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